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Selected Work


Their journey starts in a country where gay marriage and surrogacy are illegal, and spans four years, two continents, and hundreds of thousands of dollars—all to get a kid of their own.


I published this 4,000-word story, part of my Master's project, on Narratively.  

It was picked up and republished by several publications including The Guardian and The Week.


Reported & Wrote

Produced & Edited


A multimedia live performance on the loss of family stories, reported and produced by me for "Adventure, Etc.," a storytelling event by Columbia Journalism School students. I edited a pre-recorded version into this 9-minute video. 



My grandpa doesnt' always understand me. It's not his fault.
The coronavirus has heightened unemployment in China. Here's where those without jobs go to cope.

 Rest of World 07/2020

The breaking news stories about COVID-19 that have occupied US media’s front pages aren’t so breaking.
With COVID-19, donations are not the only thing connecting overseas Chinese – so is racism.


How do you transition from being ready to die to ready to live?

For this story, I interviewed Lillibeth Gonzalez, an incredibly resilient woman who has fought with death for half of her life. I narrated and produced this audio episode for True Stories in Sound.

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For the 17th episode of 无所不JI, a Mandarin podcast on LGBTQ topics in China, I produced a special episode on conversion therapy forced upon queer teenagers by their parents. 

05/2020 无所不JI

10 天,黄晓迪一步一步从登封走到郑州。她睡在下水道里、桥洞下,吃的是菜地里偷出来的生菜,但她心里只有一个目标:逃,逃离未成年人惩戒学校。


How immigrants from China came to run NYC’s laundromats.

 Nikkei Asia 11/2019

Square Stage



Zeyi Yang is a journalist, podcaster, and researcher based in New York City. Currently, he works as a tech reporter at Protocol | China, but his journalistic interests also lie in immigration, race, LGBTIQ issues, and everything related to China.

Previously, Zeyi was a reporting fellow at Rest of World, a nonprofit newsroom telling technology stories outside the western bubble.

In his spare time, Zeyi co-founded a Mandarin podcast 无所不JI that tells LGBTIQ stories in China. One of the episodes has been viewed over 300,000 times on Weibo.

Born and raised in Wuhan, China, Zeyi is native in Mandarin, which enables him to talk to the Chinese immigrants and diaspora in NYC and get access to a community living in limbo between two world powers. In pre-pandemic times, he could be easily found on the streets of Chinatown and Flushing. Sometimes for reporting, always for food. 


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