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Selected Work


Their journey starts in a country where gay marriage and surrogacy are illegal, and spans four years, two continents, and hundreds of thousands of dollars—all to get a kid of their own.


I published this 4,000-word story, part of my Master's project, on Narratively.  

It was picked up and republished by several publications including The Guardian and The Week.




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The three times a transgender teen tried to escape [social media teaser version]


Zeyi is a freelance journalist, podcaster, researcher based in New York City. He usually reports on immigration, race, LGBT+ issues, and everything related to China.


With two master's degrees in journalism and international affairs from Columbia University, Zeyi has built his skillsets to approach public governance challenges from both the journalistic and the policy perspectives:


  • As a journalist, Zeyi is well-trained in writing, audio production, video production, and social media. 


  • On the policy side, he has conducted academic research on migration, climate change, and social welfare policies in the global context.


Born and raised in Wuhan, China, Zeyi is native in Mandarin, which enables him to talk to the Chinese immigrants and diaspora in NYC and get access to a community living in limbo between two world powers. He will be easily found on the streets of Chinatown and Flushing. Sometimes for reporting, always for food. 


Interested in the other things I've done? 

Email me if you want a copy of my résume

or just want to chat about my lifelong enthusiasm for Pokémon.


+1 (718)-536-4009

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